MTS Hex Shaker Bottle

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MTS Hex Shaker Bottle | It's Not a Game!

Does it ever hurt to add one more shaker bottle to your collection? The simple answer is no and for good reason. Shaker bottles tend to be replaced over time due to many washes and the unfortunate mishap of leaving it in your car on a warm summer day, yikes! What good are shaker bottles if you still get clumps of powder in them after what seems like ages of mixing? The ALL NEW MTS Shaker Bottle has the BEST mix-ability hands down along with a carrying handle for convenience. Custom MTS and It's Not a Game! logo's printed on both sides of the bottle so everyone will recognize what shaker bottle is the GOAT!


Highlights of The MTS Shaker Bottle:

  • Excellent Mixability
  • Free of Leaks
  • Added Carrying Handle
  • BPA Free
  • Can Hold up to 25oz of Liquid