MTS Nutrition Meal Prep Bag

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MTS Nutrition Meal Prep Bag | Pack Like a Bro On-The-Go!

The MTS Nutrition Meal Prep Bag is fully equipped with everything you need for an easy accessible way to keep your nutrition and diet on point. Simply take your prepared meals and put them into the conveniently spaced meal containers and grab your favorite protein shake powder to put a scoop in the free shaker bottle for later! If your food must stay cool, you can freeze the ice pack ahead of time and throw it back in before you go if you don't have access to a refrigerator. The Meal Prep bag also acts as an insulation system so you can keep your food cold for even longer!


Highlights of The MTS Meal Prep Bag:

  • Insulated lunchbox with 6 reusable meal prep containers, 1 shaker cup, 1 large non-toxic ice pack, and 1 pill/vitamin holder
  • 1 vitamin pocket pack has 5 compartments
  • 6 Micowave-Safe Platic Containers Included
  • Meal prep bag zips closed in the front. Bag measures 8.5" wide x 6.5" deep, and 8" tall
  • MTS Shaker Included
  • 6 portion control containers include: (4) 2 cup containers and (2) 1 cups